of Theatrical Productions and Creative Projects

― My background

As of 2023, I've completed my Master of Arts Degree from University College Cork (Ireland) with First Class Honors in Arts Management and Creative Producing. Prior to that, I earned my Bachelor's Degree from Illinois State University (US), where I pursued a triple major in Theatrical Directing, Design & Production, and Cinema Studies, My journey began in Chicago, but eventually led me to Los Angeles , where I kickstarted my career at Henderson Productions, working for the legendary Director/Actor/Producer Garry Marshall.

Along with my academic pursuits, I've dedicated my time to various international and domestic non-profit arts organizations such as: Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality (Ireland), The Road Theatre Company, The Colony Theatre, The Victory Theatre Center, The Falcon Theatre, Rogue Artists Ensemble, The Eclectic Company Theatre, The Vagrancy, Theatre Factory Studio, Greenway Court Theatre, and recently at A Noise Within. Over the past almost 16 years, I've continuously sought excellence in all elements of arts production and operations by solving problems cooperatively and creatively and by striving to maintain continued success for the future.

My professional journey has shaped me into a determined, self-starting individual, ready to tackle each challenge strategically and with careful consideration. With this dedication and commitment, I've undertaken numerous short and long-term operational and administrative projects, contributing to the growth and sustainability of each arts organization I've collaborated with.

Passion drives me in everything I do and I enjoy what my work helps to create. Being a part of the creative process is what drives me to excel in an industry full of passionate and dynamic people. My ultimate goal is to expand my producing and arts management knowledge by working for an organization dedicated to developing large-scale creative projects and sharing them with a diverse and growing audience.

― Skills

Arts Management
Creative Producing

Project Management
Critical thinking
Theatre Production
Executive Administration
Hiring and On-boarding
Non-profit Grant Writing
Forming Partnerships

”I believe there is much to learn about our collective humanity through the universal language of creativity. The stories, songs, and images we create help us in communicating and sharing with those around us and, ultimately, in understanding ourselves. Our stories are a statement of existence.
They are how we experience the world.
My work aims to ensure that these stories are told and not forever lost or forgotten.”

Illinois State University, USA  / 2003 - 2008

Administrative Assistant / Personal Assistant to Garry Marshall
― Work experience
― Education
Arts Summit
The Road Theatre Company / Sept 2022 - Present
Grants Manager
General Manager

A Noise Within  / Sept 2022 - Aug 2023

Managing Director

The Road Theatre Company / Dec 2016 - Sept 2022

Festival Producer

Rebound Arts Festival, Cork, Ireland / Sept 2021 - Apr 2022

Executive Administrative Assistant

Warner Brothers Pictures - International Marketing & Global Publicity
Fremantle Media - Scripted Programming & Original Production
DC Comics

Randstad, USA / Oct 2019 - Apr 2021

Producer / Theatre Manager

The Victory Theatre Center / Sept 2015 - Apr 2019

Marketing Manager / Office Manager

The Colony Theatre / Aug 2013 - Feb 2015

Producer / Development Director

Theatre Factory Studio / Sept 2013 - Aug 2014

Henderson Productions / Feb 2009 - Aug 2013

M.A. - Arts Management & Creative Producing

University College Cork, Ireland / 2021 - 2023

B.A. - Theatre Directing, Design & Production, and Cinema Studies
Nonprofit Management Certificate

Los Angeles Center for Nonprofit Management / 2023

Arts Placement / Internship Thesis Project

Smashing Times: International Centre for The Arts & Equality / 2022

Best Practices in Theatrical Intimacy

Theatrical Intimacy Education / 2021

Motivating and Engaging Teams for Successful Change
Los Angeles Center for Nonprofit Management / 2021
Nonprofit Grant Writing

Los Angeles Center for Nonprofit Management / 2020

Los Angeles Center for Nonprofit Management / 2019

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